Easy Road Story And Lyrics

The Story: 

Easy Road is written with the Lord Of The Rings in mind. I hear the sighs from some of you. I avoid naming any specific places or characters. Instead I talk about one of the themes of the book. There is always the temptation to try to do something the easy way. But, that isn’t the right way. This song is about that idea.

The Lyrics:

The longer path lasts and lasts/ Short roads lead to quick ends/ Legends haze, forgotten days/ Brave deeds no longer told

Beauty fades, end of days/ The sky is filled with flame/ Will the walls strong and tall/Finally fall/ When they have ever held before

Beware the easy road/ Beware the easy road/ To do what must be done/ Takes a heavy toll

Across the Earth they stride/ Only to arrive/ At the darkest place ever known/ Hard days, peril stays/ The desire to turn away/ No on should ever be alone

Beware the easy road/ Beware the easy road/ To do what must be done/ Takes a heavy toll

Darkness may be long/ Stout-hearts must stay strong/ The songs they will sing in better days, oh/ There will be a cost/ What was saved can be lost/ By the ones who had the mightiest load

Beware the easy road/ Beware the easy road/ To do what must be done/ Takes a heavy toll


Digital Age Story And Lyrics

The Story:

This song is about the kind of behavior needed to survivor in the modern world. Not the first song where I cast a critical-eye on the modern world. This song is the title track of the new album. Even though Survive ties into the title too.

The Lyrics:

I’m a survivor in the digital age/ I do plenty of talking about manners inane/ I read nothing where I turn a page/ I’m a survivor in the digital age

I keep in line all the time/ I guess it’s alright/ I never ask why and I sleep just fine/ My views are askew by the news/ Telling me something that I know is not true

I’m a survivor in the digital age/ Don’t do a lot of thinking it never helps me/ Answers to questions are carefully aimed/ To push me from conviction to apathy

All I am as a man I can hold in my hand/ Avatars, Movie Stars, is that all we are/ In a frame there’s no pain/ Because it’s only a game/ Reality and fantasy are treated the same

I’m a survivor in the digital age/ The middle of the road is where I stay/ If I walk alone I will surely pay/ If I walk alone I will surely pay

All I am as a man I can hold in my hand/ In a frame there’s no pain cause it’s only a game/ I keep in line all the time I guess it’s alright

I never ask why and I sleep just fine/ I never ask why and I sleep just fine/ I never ask why and I sleep just fine/ I never ask why and I sleep just fine

Endless Winter Story And Lyrics

The Story:

Endless Winter was originally inspired by a Winter that lingered into April. The song quickly became about depression. Comparing depression to being stuck in  an endless winter is not a perfect analogy. But I think song gives you a glimpse at what it is like.

The Lyrics:

The frost that grips you/ Never let’s you go/ Turgid thoughts/ Swollen overblown/ A field of white/ Surrounds you/ Bitter winds/ Rip your skin/ You don’t know/What to do

Feel the chill/ Take your pills/ Melancholy/ Creeps up quietly/ Not a matter of will

Endless winter/ Spring never comes/ And summer/ There won’t be one/ Endless winter/ Dreary days/ Stuck in a loop/ Never getting away

Cabin fever/ Trapped in yourself/ Reach for nothing/ But the lowest shelf/ The choices you make/ Always wrong/ Isolation, paranoia/ Dementia growing strong

Endless winter/ Spring never comes/ And summer/ There won’t be one/ Endless winter/ Dreary days/ Stuck in a loop/ Never getting away

Jason Jams: Jefferson Airplane-If You Feel

One of the most criminally underrated bands of all-time is Jefferson Airplane. So much more than just “White Rabbit” and “Somebody To Love”. This songs contains all of the things that make Jefferson Airplane great. Great multi-part vocal harmonies. Fantastic bass playing. Solid lead accompaniment on guitar. Crown Of Creation is probably the best Airplane album well worth investigating if you have never given it a listen.

If You Feel Lyrics
If you feel like china breaking
If you feel like laughing
Break china laughing
Break china laughing, laughing, laughing

If you feel like leaves falling
If you feel like smiling
Fall leaves smiling
Fall leaves smiling, smiling, smiling

If you feel like love making
If you feel like flying
Make love flying
Make love flying, flying, flying

Got down
Not the first time you know
Got down
Got up to go

Jason Jams: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- 666 Conducer

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is not a world-shaking band. They have released about Eight albums or so. Almost every album has a couple of very solid songs. 666 Conducer is one best Black Rebel Songs. This song is dark and moody… and has a bluesy underbelly. Better lyrics than most for this one. If you like this, there is more to find from this band…

666 Conducer Lyrics

No one knows her name but they see her youth and use her
She’s feeling free and everything she sees is truth
She’s seventeen she’s got everything she needs to lose
Yeah yeah yeah oh no

She’s got everyone to help her on her way
She’s got everyone to help her on her way
She’s got everyone to help her on her way, down

He seems to know right where it hurts your pain, in vain
He gives himself to you he’s in your way
And everything he does just seems a phase, insane
Yeah yeah yeah oh no

He’s got everyone to help him on his way
He’s got everyone to help him on his way
He’s got everyone to help him on his way, down

Everything you touch tears at your heart, apart
Of everything you see down in your soul never let you go

You’ve got everyone to help you on your way
You’ve got everyone to help you on your way
You’ve got everyone to help you on your way, down

You’re a 666 conducer
How do you do the things you do sir
You’re a 666 conducer
How do you do the things you do sir
You’re a 666 conducer
How do you do
How do you do

For The Record– Vol. 1– King Crimson- In The Court Of The Crimson King

A lot of people assert that albums are a dying art form. And while I will agree that album listening has been ebbing, Albums are still worthwhile. There are some bands that you can’t really experience unless you listen to an album as a whole entity.

Case in point, King Crimson’s 1969 debut album “In The Court Of The Crimson King.” This is probably the definitive prog rock album of its era. Is it pretentious? Yes. But it is interesting. “In The Court Of The Crimson King” is a  cross between psychedelic rock and jazz and classical music. Solid musicianship. Interesting musical construction. Very cinematic.

Here is a link to the allmusic album review… Check it out. Listen with an open mind. I think you will discover something that has a great deal more depth than 95% of what is out there now.



Jason Jams- Rush By Big Audio Dynamite

This is a song I have re-discovered recently. I have been lightly trying to find this song over the last several years. While the internet and other resources are great, if you can’t remember the lyrics properly it isn’t going to help you find the song. In this case I thought the words were “situation nowhere”. When they actually were “situation no-win”. Big Audio Dynamite is the follow up project post Clash by Mick Jones. One interesting thing about Big Audio Dynamite is there were one of the first bands to use sampling technology. This song has a very familiar synthesizer refrain that is from The Who classic “Baba O’Riley”.

Rush Lyrics

If I had my time again
I would do it all the same
And not change a single thing
Even when I was to blame
For the heartache and the pain
That I caused throughout my years
How I loved to be your man
Through the laughter and the tears

Situation no win
Rush for a change of atmosphere
I cover the walls so I give in
Gotta get myself right out of here

Now I’m fully clothed
And I know where it’s at
Somehow I stay thin
While the other guys got fat
All the chances that I’ve blown
And the times that I’ve been down
I didn’t get too high
Kept my feet on the ground

(Repeat Chorus)

[Interlude:] yes, it’s delightful, delightful
“Rush for a change of atmosphere…..”
.. I wish I could sing like that. Not everything is singing you know.
The only important thing these days, is rhythm and melody. Rhythm…
And melody.
.. A time to laugh
A time to cry

And of all my friends
You’ve been the best to me
Soon will be the thing
When I will pay you handsomely
Broken hearts are hard to mend
You know I’ve had my share
But life just carries on
Even when I’m not there

(Repeat chorus x2)

Gotta get myself right
Gotta get myself right
Gotta get myself right
Outta here
Gotta get myself right
Gotta get myself right
Gotta get myself right
Outta here

Jason Jams– R.E.M. Lotus

This should be a song that everyone knows, but it isn’t. This is the best song from a bad stretch of albums for R.E.M. Infectious grove, classic Peter Buck guitar riff. Is there anyone better at making lyrics that only sort of make sense seem deep than Michael Stipe?Enjoy!!



Hey hey.

I was hell
sarcastic silver swell.
that day it rained
tough spun. hard won. no
ocean flower aquarium
badlands. give a hand.
honey dipt. flim flam
hey hey. hey hey.
that cat can walk like a big bad man.

so happy to show us
I ate the lotus.
say haven’t you noticed?
I ate the lotus

storefront window, I reflect.
just last week I was merely heck
tip the scale. I was hell
picked me up, then I fell.
who’s this stranger? crowbar spine
…and I feel fine.
let it rain, rain, rain
bring my happy back again.

so happy to show us
I ate the lotus.
say haven’t you noticed?
I ate the lotus,
I ate the lotus.

let it rain, rain, rain
save me from myself again
wash away my ugly sins
opposing thumb, dorsal fin
that monkey died for my grin
bring my happy back again
let it rain, rain, rain
bring my happy back again

so happy to show us
I ate the lotus.
say haven’t you noticed?
I ate the lotus
I ate the lotus
I ate the lotus,
I ate the lotus

The Music Of 2017

Generally speaking 2017 was kind of a down year for new music. There were plenty of albums released but many of them weren’t a good as they could have been. There has been a trend of rock acts working with pop producers. So far I have not heard anything that the pop production has added to the rock music. Here are the best albums of 2017:

  1. St. Vincent- Masseduction
  2. Dan Auerbach- Waiting On A Song
  3. Roger Waters- Is This The Life We Really Want
  4. Foo Fighters- Concrete And Gold
  5. Morrissey- Low In High School
  6. Queens Of The Stone Age- Villains

St. Vincent- Masseduction: This album sticks out as the album of the year because it is the album where you see the most forward progression by the artist. This is St. Vincent’s second really strong album. It establishes her as an artist who is going to be worth paying attention to for years to come. This album has a consistent level of quality throughout.

Dan Auerbach- Waiting On A Song: This is a very solid album. Auerbach is very good and his credentials as an important songwriter are well established. This album is fun. Very light in tone. The album is too polished. It is also fairly safe. Given what I know Dan is capable of (see the Black Keys). This album falls short of that.

Roger Waters- Is This The Life We Really Want: This album is really Roger Waters returning back to form. It harkens back to Pink Floyd classics like The Wall and Animals. The album is very topical. Roger definitely establishes that he is not fond of the recent political situation. The Nigel Godrich production is very good. The reason why this does not go higher is there is no real outstanding individual track. Even though this album does work well as a unit.

Foo Fighters- Concrete And Gold: I like the Foo Fighters but I considered them to be a greatest hits band. Recent albums have been proving that they are more than that. This album has moments where they push past the typical Foo Fighter formula and get into new ground. I like the growth I hear. I wish there a little more of it. Still if the Foo Fighters continue to move in the direction that this album points to, we could be in for good things in the future.

Morrissey- Low In High School: After the very uneven World Peace Is None Of Your  Business album, Morrissey follows it up with the significantly better Low In High School. This is a good sounding record. Morrissey’s band is in good form. And at times Morrissey is the witty, mopey, brilliant lyricist he can be. Morrissey occasionally gets overly political and that does not work well for him. This album falls into that trap on a few tracks.

Queens Of The Stone Age- Villains: I am not sure if I like the pop production on this album. The Queens signature sound  is supposed to be murky. The biggest down turn of this album is their is a weak stretch of songs in the middle of it. Villains does have shiny moments and is one of the few albums that still has the potential to grow on me.

Best Songs Of 2017:

  1. Dan Auerbach- King Of A One Horse Town
  2. St. Vincent- Los Ageless
  3. U2- The Blackout
  4. Morrissey- I Wish You Lonely
  5. St. Vincent- Savior
  6. Arcade Fire- Creature Comfort
  7. Queens Of The Stone Age- The Evil Has Landed
  8. Foo Fighters- Sunday Rain

Most Disappointing Album Of 2017:

U2- Songs Of Experience

I love U2. And Songs Of Innocence was a great album. This album is just flat. If this was another band besides U2, I might be more forgiving of that. I expect a lot out of a U2 album. Songs Of Experience has grown on me a little bit and it does have a couple of good songs. Songs Of Experience feels to me like U2 is looking for a different direction and hasn’t found it yet.



Songs Of Innocence And Experience

After repeated listens to the new U2 album Songs Of Experience. I have decided that U2 probably should have released Songs Of Experience with Songs Of Innocence as a double album. Songs Of Experience is the lesser of the two releases even though it is better than I originally thought it was.

The book the album titles were borrowed from is called “Songs Of Innocence And Experience” so I thought what if I combined the best tracks of the two albums together. I have tried this before, but for these two albums this works particularly well.

Here is my song order for Songs Of Innocence And Experience:

  1. The Miracle Of Joey Ramone
  2. Get Out Of Your Own Way
  3. American Soul
  4. Every Breaking Wave
  5. The Blackout
  6. Iris (Hold Me Close)
  7. Volcano
  8. Lights Of Home
  9. You’re The Best Thing About Me
  10. Raised By Wolves
  11. Cedarwood Road
  12. Summer Of Love
  13. There Is Where You Can Reach Me Now
  14. 13 (There Is A Light)

So the album starts with the Song Of Innocence opener “The Miracle Of Joey Ramone”. This is a good song to get rolling with and the band chose it as the starting song for a reason. Definitely better than Experience starter “Love Is All We Have Left” which was axed for the purposes of this being a one disk album, plus the poor choice of using a vocorder however briefly and lightly.

“Get Out Of Your Own” way barely makes the cut as track two, but it does make a good follow up to “The Miracle Of Joey Ramone”. Plus the Kendrick Lamar intro/outro into “American Soul” needs to be there. So we follow what the back intended and transition these two songs together like they do in Experience.

“Every Breaking Wave” which is track two on Innocence follows up “American Soul” . This transition works pretty well. We have our first radical break in terms of song positioning  by including “The Blackout” which is track 11 on Experience as track 5 here. Arguably “The Blackout” is the best song on Experience and probably should have been slotted in a better spot.  “The Blackout” is follow by “Iris (Hold Me Close) the transition is cool sounding and we run a mini-light theme as well between the two songs.

“Volcano” is next. I was a little concerned about the placement of this one. Originally I wanted to put more distance between “American Soul” and “Volcano”. But these two songs are meant to be associated with each other and there is enough distance between them to associate them with out being repetitious this way.

“Lights Of Home” is the next track. This was Experience track 2. This song leads into Experience track 3 which is “You’re The Best Thing About Me”. There is a reason why these two tracks follow each other on Experience. So I kept what the band used from before.

Next is where merging the two albums together really helps… especially with the generally weaker Experience tracks. We break away from the safer “Lights Of Home” and extremely safe “You’re The Best Thing About Me” with the edgy “Raised By Wolves”. This transition actually works really well. “Raised By Wolves” and “Cedarwood Road” work real well together on Innocence so I keep them that way.

Now we have reached the portion of the album where you as the listener my have picked some slightly different tracks. I went with “Summer Of Love” from Experience. It stretches into a different genre that really hasn’t been touched much yet. I follow it with “This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now” from Innocence. I like this song quite a bit. Plus once again it is unique compared to the rest of the tracks so far. Also “This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now” is the second to last song on Innocence and it works well in that slot.

The last track is “13 (There Is A Light)”. This song is meant to be a companion to a “Song For Someone” on Innocence but I am not a big fan of that track. “13 (There Is A Light)” touches on the best aspects of “Song For Someone” and puts it in a better context. This song is also meant to be an album closer and is better than Innocence close The Troubles. Yes that equals a total of 14 tracks. Easily fixed by changing the song title to 14 (There Is A Light) or just There Is A Light.

Original album song orders…

Songs Of Innocence: 1. The Miracle Of Joey Ramone, 2. Every Breaking Wave, 3. California (There Is No End To Love), 4. Song For Someone, 5. Iris (Hold Me Close), 6. Volcano, 7. Raised By Wolves, 8. Cedarwood Road, 9. Sleep Like A Baby Tonight, 10. This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now, 11. The Troubles

Songs Of Experience: 1. Love Is All We Have Left, 2. Lights Of Home, 3. You’re The Best Thing About Me, 4. Get Out Your Own Way, 5. American Soul, 6. Summer Of Love, 7. Red Flag Day, 8. The Showman (Little More Better), 9. The Little Things That Give You Away, 10. Landlady, 11. The Blackout, 12. Love Is Bigger Than Anything In its Way, 13. 13 (There Is A Light)